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Your Emotional

 Using CBT coaching and counselling


Ian Hollinshead

I live in Hampshire and I use CBT to teach adults from all over the UK of all ages and backgrounds how to manage stress and anxiety using simple yet powerful skills that help reduce the negative effects of stress and bring peace and balance to their lives.

I don’t just offer the style of counselling where you sit and “tell me how you feel” Instead I offer a unique blend of different approaches from counselling, CBT Life coaching, N,L,P and Relaxation therapy combined with empathy and life experience which has evolved over the years to become very effective and useful in helping people in a variety of situations.

I’d like to guide you on your journey from where you are now to where you’d like to be.


CBT Therapy

 CBT is structured collaborative, goal-oriented, and time-sensitive.

It is considered a reliable, first-line approach for anxiety disorders, which means it is the first approach that should be considered, or the gold standard, for treating anxiety disorders (Hofmann et al., 2012).

When focusing on specific anxiety disorders, research has found CBT to be an efficacious treatment for panic disorder, with some research suggesting that it may be superior to medication (Mitte, 2005).


What my clients say

The past year has been one of the hardest years of my life. Ian helped me gain clarity, reduce anxiety at work, sleep better and most importantly enjoy life. With just some a few helpful tips and his understanding of the human psyche he is able to make almost any situation easier to deal with and I would (and often do) wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone - Rob


Ian has excellent counselling skills, he offered support and encouragement to work out my own solutions and coping strategies.  He helped me to think about my situation and find coping mechanisms. It was invaluable at a time when I needed to be able to say how I felt in confidence and without judgement.
I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
S, C


Articles about  Psychology

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